Domain for Sale

"easy to remember, easy to type"

only $117,4m.


Phase One

1. Introduction
1.1 Establishment of a non-profit foundation.

2. Purpose
2.1 Free basic education in titles of “our home: earth.”.
2.2 Scientific researches about “physical speed limits and entropy of universe”.

3. Scope
3.1 Education for pre-defined age range of children.
3.2 Researches within cooperate of science academies.

4. Financing
4.1 Finance company which is founded by foundation.

5. Future Vision
5.1 Population sync sustainability of foundation.
5.2 Pathfinding of phase two.

Phase Two

6. Introduction
6.1 Will be issued on 2044.

Terms of Sale

1. Definitions

1.1 “” is produced and registered domain name which is for sale.
1.2 “Seller” is legal entity which is owned by holder and registrant of domain name.
1.3 “Buyer” is individual or legal entity which is purchaser of domain name.
1.4 “Lawyer” is legal entity which is law provider to sale.

2. Governing Laws

2.1 All agreements or contracts is made under US laws within cooperate of seller and lawyer.
2.2 If without regard to that state’s choice of law principles, which may direct the application of the laws of EU jurisdiction.
2.3 Country which will be host to sale should be assigned both seller and by buyer for one of list below;
2.3.1 United States
2.3.2 Canada
2.3.3 EU Zone
2.3.4 Oceania Zone

3. Prices and Fees

3.1 Currency of all prices and fees is USD.
3.2 Price of is only $117.400.000,00.
3.3 %15 of price will be donated to a random non-profit foundation for autistic children.
3.4 %4 of profit could be paid in BTC currency.
3.5 Payment plan could be requested to configure by buyer.
3.6 Payment method could be created in cooperate of lawyer, seller and buyer if required.
3.7 Other extensions of domain will be charged free to buyer after sale below;

3.8 Price includes all fees below;
3.8.1 Commission of lawyer entity
3.8.2 Transfer fees
3.8.3 ICANN fee
3.8.4 Commissions of domain hosting, registry, registrar entities.
3.8.5 Noted donation on 3.3
3.8.6 Other fees

3.9 Price excludes all fees below;
3.9.1 VAT
3.9.2 Fee of sale platform

4. Privacy

4.1 Seller Privacy
4.1.1 Contact privacy of seller is clear on before/during/after sale.
4.1.2 Lawyer can optimize privacy terms for seller before/during/after sale.

4.2 Buyer Privacy
4.2.1 Contact privacy of buyer is hidden as default.
4.2.2 Contact privacy of buyer could be determined per buyer’s permission.
4.2.3 Lawyer can optimize terms of privacy for buyer before/during/after sale.

5. After Sale

5.1 Refund
5.1.1 %96 refund is available within 12 days after transfer of payment.
5.1.2 Refund request could be applied by only lawyer to official e-mail of sale.
5.1.3 Refund could be completed within first payment method.
5.1.4 Refund excludes all costs of sale, i.e. payment transfer fees, commissions, refund fees.

5.2 Support
5.2.1 No available support after sale except refund if requested.